Buddhist Tattoos Explained
Understand the Religion and the Tattoos of this ancient Art-form

There are numerous fantastic designs that you can choose from if you've committed to the idea of having a Thai Buddhist tattoo. But it's our advice that you should actually take the word of the monk that will make the tattoo in terms of choosing the right design for you personally.

Choosing the Right Buddhist Tattoo for You

The choosing of the tattoo is then left up to the Buddhist monk and the correct Buddhist tattoo according to many variables will be chosen and more importantly you can relax in knowing that it will be the right choice. Perhaps you will choose a 'Hah Taew' Buddhist tattoo which has five different blessings and literally translated in Thai as the five rows tattoo. The blessings range from giving you increased strength to being more protected and living a longer life as well as even improving your sex drive. Impressive powers from just 1 tattoo we are sure you'll agree.

So what to do after your Buddhist Tattoo

There are a few guides to Buddhist Tattoos out there that will outline exactly the things that you may need to do once the monk has emblazoned the tattoo across your body. These things vary considerably and it's important not to offend the Thai people. For example, it's not culturally appropriate to have the Thai tattoo too low on your body. That would be considered disrespectful and could cause some offense. This has occurred in some islands when foreigners have been accused of having the sacred Sak Yank tattoo too low for example on the ankle or even worse on the actually foot itself. This is a big no no because the bottom part of the body is considered to be less important / less sacred than the upper parts with the head being the most sacred place to have a Buddhist tattoo.